April 17, 2012

fun and enjoyable way to learn English (part 2)

Well,continuing with where we left off, I want to present another fun and enjoyable way to learn English. This time I'll go with a little more advanced things, reading and writing.

As far as I know, there are a lot of people here who like to read mangas/comics. So I would like to give you people a software which pretty much will satisfy your desire and passion for manga/comic.

This software will let you download mangas/comics from most of your favorite manga/comic reading site such as Mangahere, Mangareader, Mangafox, AnimeA, and so on, you name it. All you have to do is simply install it, then run the software. Look for the manga/comic you want to download, decide which parts to download (Volumes,chapters) and it will be downloaded automatically for you. Just make sure you're connected to internet though to make it works.

The reason why I choose manga/comic because it will help you in reading and writing.

In reading it is because you can read the bubbled texts while seeing the pictures. Therefore make it easier for you to comprehend or guessing the meaning of some difficult words/sentences by having the clue or help from the pictures. This won't be an issue though if you have an adequate level of vocabularies in your arsenal. As for writing, it always nice when you have some examples of sentences to write certain situations or conditions to be used in the real writing session, and mangas/comics are some of the best sources to get it, even though sometimes they aren't using a proper and formal English. Just like for reading, the pictures will help you to understand and grab the hold of the differences between sentences or words in certain situations and conditions that seems similar but actually different. I found it quite common that some people often using the general meaning to translate or write about something. They tend to not knowing the difference in the contextual meaning, so I hope this could help you. (Sorry for the long introduction, it can't be helped.)

"Keep studying, because that's why you're a student, to study... You should be ashamed when you're a student but doesn't study... It doesn't matter how, where, or when you're studying... We are, after all, the students in this big school called life..."
by : Boris Pasaribu

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