April 17, 2012

fun and enjoyable way to learn English

Wanna play while studying or vice versa?
Let me share a bit of my "self-taught" method of learning....
Simple game, yet very useful in my opinion, especially for learning vocabularies...

Why vocabulary you said? Why don't about more advanced things such as grammar,listening,speaking, etc?

Then let me ask you this, what's the point of mastering grammar and the four major skills (Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening) without the proper or sufficient knowledge of the words used?
Okay, okay, maybe vocabulary doesn't related directly or significantly to Speaking and Listening. I'll cover that later when I've found a much simpler and easier way to learn Speaking and Listening compared to what I've been doing for years to reach the point where I am now. Just hold your horses, I'm still working on it. Or you could ask Mr. Supri Adi here who've been promoting his MEF (Mastering English Faster) program in recent years. He will tell you the secret of mastering Speaking and Listening just in a few months or maybe even weeks. Well, the truth is I'm also curious about his method. Unfortunately you have to pay for his class, and that's where I'm lacking, some money to pay his class. :p (No offense Mr. Supri, I'm promoting your program here. Just don't forget my 10% commission fee. Hahahahaha)

"Keep studying, because that's why you're a student, to study... You should be ashamed when you're a student but doesn't study... It doesn't matter how, where, or when you're studying... We are, after all, the students in this big school called life..."
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 by : Boris Pasaribu

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