November 30, 2007

EP Logo

Recently, the committee has decided to use the third one as EP logo. However, those logos are still the part of English Pintar as a whole. We can make it as our pin, shirt, and other accessories as well. Any comments? Feel free to shout out...

2 comment(s):

Wow, who designed all of the logos, btw? Artistic, those are. I like the second and the last one.

But maybe the last one is the most artistic (though I still can't comprehend what's the black like-a-bottle-of-ink-falls-off-to-the-the-floor kinda thing is).

Good luck for EP :)

Diar Adhihafsari

those logos are designed by friend of EP's secretary (Wardah). Yeah, at first, when the logos were released to the committee, most of boys prefered the last one as well... however, it seems to be like distro logo, so we thought that it's better to implement the third one in every single head letter of EP.

Anyway, just wait for the pin with the last logo as the pic, and the sticker for the second logo.

Beli yah :D