December 8, 2011



 "What A beautiful song, I feel like crying. I want the lyric later.. "
was a quote from Madame Eni when she heard ESA old song at the inauguration of ESA executive board period 2011/2012.
After a long time waiting, the document of new ESA executive board
was finally signed by Dean and we could hold the inauguration. The ceremony was held on October, 28th in the hall of FKIP UNTAN. The event which was attended by about 60 ESA members opened by selected ESA chairperson period 2011/2012, Handriano. The ceremony was continued by Madame Eni Rosnija as the representative of the English Study Program Chairman who was unable to attend. She read the decree and appointed and inaugurated the new ESA executive board.

Here are the names of ESA executive board period 2011/2012
CHAIR PERSON     : Handriano           


Manager                  : Nuzulul Dwi Utami                                                                       
Staff                          : 1. Windi Sucitawati                                                                      
                                 2. Sri Fatmawati
Manager                  : Zulva Hakim     
Staff                          : Nindya Juwita U.                                                                          

English Learning Center
Manager                  : Shofia Fahmy B.
Staff                          : 1. Syarifah Mawaddah                                                                 
                                 2. Putra Kurniadi
Manager                  : Rini Afrilian E. M. K.                                                                    
Staff                          : Rahmat Syaiful 
Human Resources Development
Manager                  : Pramitha Putri  
Staff                          : 1. Paksi Jati Mulyono                                                                   
                                 2. Fitrah Samita                                                                             

Event Organizing
Manager                  : Rezza Anugerah
Staff                          : 1. Marsauli Kristiari S.
                                 2. Eva R. Tambunan                                                                       
Civic Education and Advocacy
Manager                  : Nur Hafiz A.
Staff                          :1. Ananda Mentari C.
                                    2. Teddy

Boisterous applause filled the hall when those names were mentioned and they move forward to be finally inaugurated by the academic authorities.
the special one of this ceremony
wass congratulations and pep talk which repeatedly uttered by Madame Eni Rosnija, she incessantly expressed a sense of happiness because ESA could always survive in any condition and of course gave some advices for ESA's future.
After that, ESA members prayed together and then enjoyed an entertainment from ESA member choir. In this time, ESA member choir performed a song which is very important for ESA member itself that called "ESA's old song".
When the song finished, Madame Eni Rosnija directly took the mike and asked for a chance to speak again.
"What A beautiful song, I fe
el like crying. Simple but full of meaning.. "
His eyes looked glazed. "I want the lyric .."
It indirectly ma
de us even more proud and proud to be an ESA member.
The event continued with a greeting and shaking hands to congratulate the ESA executive board who has just inaugurated. Hopefully, this new ESA
executive board can make new breakthroughs that can raise the name of the ESA in campus community and the general public eye. Amen..

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I think this is unintended mistake Madame Eni Rosnija is her not his. Although not very well but indeed I know her. I was one of her students in 1997s.

All the best
Norman Jiwan (F12197066)

To Whom It May Concern

I onced meet up with Mrs Eni Rosnija a few months ago in a English seminar headed by Mr Ucup Supriadi. Hope you guys know him.

Congrats to all members of the ESA FKIP UNTAN, and hope we can work together with you some day

Happy Blogging

Asep Haryono
Former Kang Guru Indonesia
Representative 2005 - 2010