December 8, 2011

“Living in United States”


When first time got to America, I thought I would need a long time to recover from something called as cultural shock. It was wondering how Americans would treat people due to the stereotype of their individualism: Americans never mind others’ business and will do whatever they want. In fact, what was told and heard in my home country was just the prejudice of people that only see America from the outside, not from the inside.
                America has brought me to a consciousness of how to respect and appreciate people truly, especially people with disabilities. For instance, in public transportation, they have a special door for people with wheelchair. The driver will give the most priority for them instead of common people. Besides that, in every single corner of the door, there is a special button to open the door for disabilities. It makes me realize how huge their respect for every single person no matter how they look. It brings me to arrive at the sense of equality in all aspects of life, creates understanding that all people have the same right to live their lives. Although we’re the minority in this country but Americans never underestimated or intimidated us. In contrast, they are really interested to know and learn about other cultures. The further we get to know each other, the more we are eager to learn. Everytime we make mistake, there is no such a thing as blaming, complaining and making fun of. Also, in here I learned that Americans really appreciate people’s decision. As a result, people in America usually feel free to express their opinion and talents because no one will judge them and give destructive critic.
                Education in United States
                Education is the most priority aspect in United States. They have a special large building for the library which allows students to access any kind of information for free whether printed or online. Most of the students spend their time in this place. There are a lot of facilities in the library like printing, scanning, even museum which keep the original stuff of the university and the city since the long time ago.
                They have free internet access for all students. There is also no barrier between teachers and students. Teachers want to be called with names. Students are given teachers’ email address and teachers’ schedule of when they can meet and consult about their subject. While the students’ consultation hour, the teachers never leave their office. At the first meeting, students will tell their names and on the next meeting, teachers have already memorized all of the students’ names.
                Teachers never judge students’ work. Instead, they patiently give explanation of what students better do if students make mistakes. Teachers always give feedback on students’ work, and scores will be printed on time. So does the transcript. In our first meeting, we have been given the weekly schedule of our homework. As a result, homework is something that must be done regularly. There is always a quiz in each week. We will get extra credit for those who actively participate in the class. The use of media and attractive atmosphere in the classroom are also considered the most. They use technology as a tool to learn.
                There is no excuse for being late. Although we are still allowed to enter the classroom and study with others, but what teachers give in the first hours will not be repeated, even if it’s the test or examination. Teachers always motivate students and really appreciate their hard work. We are taught to change the mindset from doing “what WE HAVE TO do” to enjoying “what WE WANT TO do”. If we start something because you have to, it means it’s not purely from your heart. It seems that you do it because of something else. It is better to do your work based on what your heart believes and enjoy doing it. There is always a fun thing in every single work. Find that, and bang! your activity turns into a game.

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