December 8, 2011

IESA First Summit @ Jogyakarta


Hey ya guys! Here we will report about Indonesian English Student Association(IESA) first summit @ Jogyakarta that have been hold at 8-9 October 2011. IESA first summit is a gathering event for English Student Association that spread all around the Indonesia. But, unfortunately, there are only 9 universities that can attend this event. The committee is from UGM University.
We have three delegations from ESA FKIP UNTAN, they are Handriano as the Chairperson, Windi Sucitawati as the Administrator and Shofia Fahmi from the English Learning Center Division. We will do the study exchange as our mission; we want to know about another ESA’s system and want to apply it if we think their programs are better than ours.
When we arrived at inn, we met another ESA that has come first. After that we went to Kraton Joyakarta about 2 hours. That activity made us know about Jogyakarta culture and we also started to make a friend with another ESA. Just a simple chat at first.

At 4 o’clock we went to Padi-Padi to attend the IESA meeting. There was a little problem when we went there. The committee did not know where the meeting place was. It made all of the participants and also the bus driver felt upset. But, never mind, all of us was still cool.
The meeting was opened by a lecturer from UGM, he was Mr.bla bla bla (sorry, I can’t remember his name :p). He also read poetry about Gunung merapi and Mbah marijan. When the agenda came to the discussion about whether IESA will become an organization or a Community, we three talked with ESA’s delegation from UIN Jakarta. All of their programs are like English Competition (English Pintar in ours), monthly magazine and English day.
They were really attracted when we tell about our ESA, they did not believe that we can held a lot of big event from 2,5 million rupiah of our budgeter money.
They said that their budgeter money was 25 million rupiah and they can only make about 2 events. When there’s no money left, they will vacuum. They are really shocked about our struggle to hold an event, such as selling burger and chicken.
“You guys, cool.. Ready to face the world. Tough guy!” J
After declaring that IESA is a community, all of the participant had dinner. We are really disappointed because we thought that there would be a study exchanges or maybe a presentation from every ESA as the participants to introduce their ESA and let the other participants knew about their ESA’s program. After that we go to the Malioboro, and again, the activity there did not run well.
Next morning, the next agenda was jogging. Actually we will do it at “Sunday morning” but we talked to the committee to do it in front of the inn and they agreed. We had some fun games there that made us know each other better than before. After that we had breakfast and got ready to the National Seminar. During the breakfast time, a lot of participants spread and do the “sudden study exchange” such as from UIN, JOGJA, UNAIR, etc.
“We get help from the Department and we have to give them report about this event. We don’t know what report we will tell them because there is no study exchange session in here, this far” they said. Poor guy. L
Don’t want to wasting time, we do the same thing. We got information that most of them have the same program, such as: English competition, magazine and English day, only that. How about the forming of cadres system? It is only about three days.
When we were ready, we went to UGM University to attend the seminar. How about the seminar? I don’t think I will share the story here, too ironic, disappointed and hurt. Hahahahahahaaa..!
When we did the presentation, all of them did not believe it. We said that we had BHRF, EMC, traditional dance, broadcast and many more. We showed many pictures and videos that made them more impressed and made the committee silent. One thing that made them really amazed was about our relationship between members. :D
One thing for sure, we are better than them and I may conclude that we are the best ESA from all of the ESA’s participants. :D
We also really helped by ESA from Asyafia University. They helped us to get and bought the train ticket and also picked up our bag into the train. The most helpful thing was, their Chairperson followed us to Senen station only to make sure that we are safe and got the right taxi. Do you know where his house is? Bekasi, and it was about an hour from Senen Station. He did that thing just to help us and he also gave us souvenirs. Last word from him “please, keep in contact..” (Thank you so much riyoooooo..^^)

Want to know about the full story? Just come to base camp and we will tell the whole completed one to you..

Ace up your sleeves, stand and fight!

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Dear ESA,

I really admire to your awesome travel notes to Jogjakarta , Central Java, and hope the ESA FKIP UNTAN Team got lots of experiences and personal contact from the trip.

I visited Jogjakarta when Mount Merapi is erupted. Nice posting guys, I like this so much

Happy Blogging

Asep Haryono