December 19, 2008

Moslems in Christmas Day

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Christians will welcome the day which they have been waiting for so long: Christmas Day! They must celebrate it as marry as Moslems celebrate Idul Fitri.

Indonesia is the country of which the Moslem population is more than the other religion believers. No wonder when there are feasts of Islam, such as Idul Fitri, we can feel the lustrous atmosphere around. Then, what the feast of Christian, just like the Christmas which will come soon? What usually Moslems do on the ‘D’ day?
Living in heterogenous environment demands us to respect each another. When the Moslems celebrate Idul Fitri, Christians and other religion believers use their time to visit their colleagues, friends, and relatives. They also do things we call ‘silaturahim’. It is one of the ways to respect others when they celebrate the feast. Moslems also do this when Christians celebrate Christmas. As one of ESA members of 2002, Hasanudin usually does. “I usually do nothing special in December 25, yet I still go to my friends’ house who celebrate the Christmas. The rest, I just stay home”, he said.

However, in fact there are a few people who feel that they themselves have no use in Christmas day. Zulfkifli, student of Agriculture Faculty of Tanjungpura University is one of them. He said, “I do nothing special in Christmas day. I don’t get involve in the day, so I prefer staying at home”, he answered when he was asked whether or not he wants to spend the holiday to go around the town, or even go to the other town. “I usually walk around in my regular day, no need to wait for the holiday because holiday like Christmas is my time to stay home”, he added.

Although maybe some, or even most of Moslems think that they do not get involve directly in Christmas, in this case is they do not celebrate the day, the most important point is Moslems, as well as other religion believers, always try to respect one another when they celebrate their feast. Visiting friends’ house who celebrate Christmas, sending a Christmas-greeting SMS, and give chance to Christian to perform a religious service are ways to keep the peacefulness and tranquility among the religion believers.

Well, then. Representing whole Moslems around the world, I’d like to greet Merry Christmas for all Christians in Pontianak, especially those who is reading this blog. Have a nice Christmas! (dhz)

Article about the meaning of Christmas for a Moslem can be downloaded here.

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is this a declaration of Islam domination in ESA???
Kalo ngga salah di ESA kan kita sifatnya ngga terdiri dari satu agama aja?
Kok tulisan yg ini jadinya kayak di ESA cuma ada yang muslim aja?
Plis deh,ESA bukan At-Tarbawi.
ESA berdasarkan atas kebersamaan mahasiswa/i B.Inggris,bukan kesamaan agama.
kalo mau ngucapin Selamat Natal ya ucapin aja Merry Christmas!
jangan kayak gini.
kesannya di ESA yang ada cuma muslim doang.

Kurasa perlakuan seperti ini yang membuat mahasiswa/i non-muslim makin sedikit di ESA.Mereka merasa di ESA cuma tempat mahasiswa/i muslim.

Penulis dan kawan2 yang lain nyadar ngga? Selain B'Boris,B'Willy,B'Petrus,B'Paulus masih ada ngga kawan2 non-muslim yang benar2 aktif di ESA?
Pokoknya setelah angkatan abang2 2004 lah...
Siapa lagi kawan2 non muslim yang aktif di ESA???
Kalo pun ada palingan cuma pas ada acara/kegiatan aja,itupun cuma di hari H.
Padahal tiap tahun ngga sedikit mahasiswa/i non-muslim yang masuk di Prodi B.Inggris.
Tapi kemana mereka????
Kok di Gamaska ato Japemkri mereka bisa aktif tapi di ESA ngga bisa???

hi, it's dini yang tulis artikel ini. Frankly, ini bukan deklarasi dominasi muslim di ESA, nope.

Ini artikel yang ditugaskan ke saya untuk ditulis, langsung untuk dimuat di halaman Borneo Tribune, di kolom English Day on Tribune, dalam rangka memperingati hari Natal.

artikel lainnya, karena tidak ada rekan ESA yang mengajukan diri menulis, ditulis oleh teman bule kita dari jerman, tentang sejarah natal, tentang hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan natal. hanya saja, softcopy artikel mereka tidak dikirimkan ke e-mail esa, sehingga tidak kita muat di blog, begitu.

Yeah, kita membuka akses untuk siapa saja yang ingin menulis di blog ESA. Tidak memandang agama. Sama sekali tidak, tentu saja tidak. ESA memang BUKAN TARBAWI. ESA ya ESA.

ANYWAY, Saya Mohon maaf jika menimbulkan kesan di ESA cuman ada muslim saja. oleh karena itu, dimohon, untuk rekan marcos, mengirimkan artikel ato apa aja yang kira-kira bisa mengurangi kesan itu.

karna, ya yang saya tulis ini adalah tugas dari English Day on Tribune yang notabene kerjasama dengan ESA.

Artikel natal lain, 3 buah, diterbitkan sekaligus dalam edisi natal. Pun begitu ketika tahun baru. Silahkan kirimkan artikel ke