December 17, 2008

Could you be (more) motivated if you have to do only 10 things in 101 days? (part 2 of 3)

by Diar Adhihafsari - 2002

In the first part of this writing, I requested you to think about only 10 things you’d like to do, say, starting New Year. What would they be?

Okay, now put the list aside for a little while and please allow me to tell you in brief about this one gorgeous individual project I’ve been doing since early 2007. So, one day I found an inspiring blog post about a woman doing her own project and was inspired in an instant. What is the project? It’s doing 101 things in 1001 days. How does that sound to you so far?

Just so you know, thousands of people throughout the world are actually doing the project at the moment. Click here to find out who and what inspired us.

It’s a common thing for us to ‘re-start’ doing many things as part of our New Year’s resolutions. For those of you who think that 365 days are not enough, why don’t you make it 1001 days (that’s about 2.5+ years)? We sometimes want to do something big and a year doesn’t make us optimal in doing or even reaching it, so a longer set time might do us good.

Now I’m not going to discuss the said project in detail, as you can visit the website yourself for more information. Let’s focus on ESA. Once a year, ESA sets some (new) goals and let’s speak the truth, you don’t always reach all of the goals (I know, as I was a few times being part of ESA Executive Boards and/or committees). In this writing, I’m not asking you to do 101 things in 1001 days (since ESA Executive Boards are chosen to do their duties only for about a year). You’re students, your main duty is to study, and you know that. That’s why frictions sometimes show up when Executive Board members have to sacrifice either their study or their obligation(s) in ESA (or even both). But what if there are only 10 things or goals to reach during your one-year duty in ESA? Can’t you possibly be great in both your study and in ESA?

I know exactly how enthusiastic you are the first time you are elected Executive Board members. What about months after that? Is the same zest still there? And do you even still remember project A or D or even Z that you proposed earlier?

Think more on the suggested project and I’ll see you in the third part (which is also the last part) of this writing :)

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