December 19, 2008

Could you be (more) motivated if you have to do only 10 things in 101 days? (part 3 of 3)

by Diar Adhihafsari - 2002

In the second part of this writing, I suggested ESA to set only 10 goals to reach for in one-term duty (in 101 days, to be exact). This suggestion is not obliged to be followed; it’s a mere suggestion. My purpose in writing this is only to inspire you :)

I’m trying to say (based on my very own experience) that you cannot count one year as 365 days when it comes to doing duties as ESA Executive Board members. As much as you love ESA, who doesn’t love days-off (be honest)? You’ve got to do stuff relating to your own, your family, your friends, your lecturers, your duties in ESA, and other stuff that only you and God knows what they are. There are delays of Board meetings, delays of committee meetings, delays of this, delays of that. Do you know exactly how many effective months you guys really have in finishing your duties in ESA? I don’t know, but I’m proposing 101 days (out of 365 days, there are no excuses to not spend only 101 days, people—and it doesn’t have to be 10 things and/or 101 days in a row, anyways).

Well, here are the brief points:

  1. Once you’re all elected ESA Executive Board members, set a day or two to meet and sit together to set 10 things ESA would like to do in a 101 days. I’m saying 10 concrete, measurable, logical, meaningful, useful things to do.
  2. Have the list everywhere (your mind, your bag, your pocket, your headquarter’s walls, just simply anywhere and everywhere) so that you can always stick with the 10 things to do.
  3. Focus on doing those 10 things. Have strategies in finishing each one.
  4. Cross any number off the list every time you eventually complete one thing.
  5. At the end of your one-term, evaluate the list (is there any thing you haven’t completed? Why? Would you suggest the future elected Board members to include the un-checked thing to do in the next term?).
  6. Have fun :)
You can just skip this project if you think this won’t work. As I’ve said, this is merely a suggestion and inspiration, that setting only reasonable goals in a reasonable set of time is easier than the opposite.

I hope you’re now more enlightened and more inspired to do something, at least for your sake :)

Happy New Year (both Islamic New Year and Gregorian-calendar New Year)!

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