December 15, 2008

Could you be (more) motivated if you have to do only 10 things in 101 days? (part 1 of 3)

Just in case you’re surprised that a stranger writes in here, well… hello :)
I’m Diar Adhihafsari, alumnus of FKIP and former member of ESA (2002). I get the opportunity to write here as ESA invited me to contribute for this blog (so, no, I’m not trespassing, people). And below is my very first writing for ESA blog, genuinely written to welcome the new year :)

The question of the abovementioned title is not merely a question, but it’s really a question expected to be answered (well, particularly by the Executive Board members, if I may suggest). Despite the fact that the question needs only one answer (between ‘yes’ and ‘no’), chances are various answers will come up, either:

  1. “Yes!” (with an astounding zest)
  2. “Err… yeah…” (another form of “Well, um, I guess…”)
  3. “What?!?” (with two eye balls almost come out of their place, as another form of “10 things to do in 101 days?!? What the bloody hell are you talking about?!?”)
  4. “No.” (without even a wee bit of interest in saying it)
No matter what your answer is, I want you to stick with the first ‘yes’ answer, he he… ;)

I mean come on now. You’re a university student (means that you’re a grown up), you learn zillions of lessons both from school and daily life (means that you’re aware that life is not just about eating, hanging out, or making money), and inside you, I believe you have a sort of empty spot to be filled (I mean with fulfilled dreams, fulfilled idealism, fulfilled joy, etc.). Then it’s no longer a time for you to say, “It’s the brand new year once more. I want to be a better person” and that’s it. Do you REALLY have any idea what it takes to do to be a better person? Can you even enlist at least 5 concrete activities to do in order to make you a better person in the new year to come?

You have learned that an essay have to be started with an outline or at least with a first paragraph. You have learned that a paragraph is started with a sentence, and so on, and so on, you get the point. You can be ‘structured’ in school, then why can’t you in setting your very own goals (or New Year’s resolutions or dreams or whatever you name it)?

Okay, life is supposed to be pretty flexible and not to be bound by enormous amount of rules. But it won’t hurt, for sure, to reach your BIG goals by setting and doing and reaching the small ones first. So it won’t hurt as well to be a bit more structured this time in doing that. And guess what, this one’s good for an organization like ESA, too :)

Now I know you have, probably, 2536 wishes for the new year (it’s not like I’m counting). But what if you stop right there (before you make your 2537th wish) and reduce them until there are only 10? What are 10 things you’d like to do starting today (or tomorrow or January 1 or whenever you want to)?

Think about that and I’ll see you again in the second part of this writing :)

2 comment(s):

GREAT, this is what I expected, and still expect to do by the members of ESA, whether or not still study in English Study Program of FKIP or not! Contribute to write in this blog *and maybe it could be published in the page of English Day on Tribune, only if you don't mind, uh?*.

Very big applause to Kak Diar *plokplokplokplok*

well, to tell the truth, I as one of the executive board, especially from the division of English Learning Center this year, would be glad to answer, number 2! haha.

I am always trying to find the way, on how to make ESA better and better. And I *personally* think that English Teletalk and English Day on Tribune is one of them *once again, it's personally*. And sure, Borneo Hard Rock Festival is also the way in making ESA has its existence!

Anyway, as my personal dhz, thekupu ;) *you know me, I believe*, I have some to do list in my own blog hoho.

Well. For the other ESA members who continuously visit this blog, comment for things, why don't ya try to have and publish a post like this? It does contribute the blog-world of ESA!

Thanks again, Kak Diar ^_^

thanks so very much for:
1. the applause
2. non-stoppable compliments :)

to be honest, the 3-part writing came up just like... out of the blue aka mendadak, hehe (of course i would never mind if you intend to publish it somewhere else)