November 21, 2008


Save Our Nation!!
That’s the theme for Borneo Hard Rock Festival (BHRF) XIV in this year. Borneo Hard Rock Festival will be held on 28 – 29 of November 2008 in Auditorium Untan. The winner of this event get Turning Thropy from Danrem 121/ABW, Permanent thropy, the Best Players, the most Favorite Band and getting millions rupiah.
It is the great event that makes English Student Association (ESA) members and even West Kalimantan Society proud of it since this is one and the only Hard Rock music competition in Pontianak.
Borneo Hard Rock Festival has long-life history since it was held in 1994. Borneo Hard Rock Festival began in 1994 on 21 – 22 December, which of the leader was Abdullah Thahir. Then, Borneo Hard Rock Festival II in 1995 was lead by Achmad Muharam. Asep Mulyadi, next became the leader of BHRF III. In 1999, again, ESA held BHRF which was lead by Jaka Mulyana. These recently festivals, Borneo Hard Rock Festival XI in 2005 was lead by Hasanudin, then Adrianus lead Borneo Hard Rock Festival XII in 2006. And last year Borneo Hard Rock Festival XIII was lead by Boris Pasaribu.
Danrem 121 / ABW always give support for Borneo Hard Rock Festival since the first until fourteenth Borneo Hard rock Festival by giving Turning Thropy.
The committe of Borneo Hard Rock Festival XIV has given the certain songs which should be sung by the finalist in BHRF event. These songs are song from Skid Row, Extreme, Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Megadeth. The finalist must have the high creativity and skills to rearrange the traditional music with certain songs. Therefore, the songs will be played in the event. Besides, the finalist is supposed to be able to play the certain songs in English. That is one of the characteristic of Borneo Hard Rock Festival itself.
Borneo Hard Rock Festival is one of the annually event of Executive Board of English Student Association (ESA) FKIP Untan, in the division of Event Organizing. The purpose of BHRF is to implement “Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi”. It is also the place for appreciating English through music, developing the ability of West Kalimantan musicians, and especially in BHRF XIV sending the message “Save Our Nation” to the loved-music in West Kalimantan.
In Borneo Hard Rock Festival, the fluency and accuracy of vocalist in singing the song have the big part in scoring. Besides, the juries also score the group bands performance in the stage, the skill of playing the instrument, harmonisation and balancing of the group band.
The big hope for Borneo Hard Rock Festival is developing the conciousity of the society in West Kalimantan about how importance the togetherness in this country. As long as we know, the togetherness is starting to lose in this life now. The hope is not only for developing the togetherness, but also making the chance for the potential Hard Rock bands to be the best musicians.
ESA has opened the list started from August 2008 until November 27, 2008 in ESA Base Camp. It is in Jl. A Yani Komp. Sekretariat Bersama FKIP Untan. For getting more information about it, you can also call the contact person: Abeb (085245880402) or Ucie (085245778787).

By: Dewi Ismu Purwaningsih
Manager of Media Covered and Networking

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