November 21, 2008

Phyto-plankton, the winner of BHRV XIII

What’s in your mind when first hear: Phytoplankton? Some of you maybe will think about the microscopic plants that live in the ocean. You are not totally wrong, anyway.

Phyto-plankton is the name of a local band. As the meaning of phytoplankton, this band hopes to be able being just like a real phytoplankton, very important to the ocean and to the whole planet! They are at the base of the food chain. Many small fish and whales eat them. Then bigger fish eat the little fish, etc. The food chain continues and at some point in time we (people) come into it when we eat the fish. So the energy of plankton becomes our energy too!
Phyto-plankton was formed in Pontianak in 2006. This band consists of Hanif as the vocalist, Heri as the first guitaris, Guntur as the second guitaris, Rudi as the bassist, Oscar as the keyboardist, and I’il as the drummer. In their daily activity, they are doing different kinds of roles. Some are private-workers; there are also still college and senior high school student. The diversity makes them understand each another and commit to have one vision for their band: a stairway to be a rock star.
Since the first this band was formed in December 2006, it has already won so many music contests. They were the finalist of Gudang Garam Rock Competition in regional scope in 2007. In the same year, they won festival expo of Kalbar Fair 2007 as the first winner. Popularizing their name, again they became the first winner of Freestyle Merah Putih, the first winner of modern rock religi, the third winner of Asean Beat in West Kalimantan region, the first winner of Rock United Festival Pronelis, and absolutely the first winner of Borneo Hard Rock Festival 2007.
They do not stop there in making achievements. 2008 is also their year. In Musik Kampus 2008, they were selected as one of twelve best bands. They also successfully won the indie festival named oikosnomos, as the first winner. Too many achievements to mention. One thing for sure is Phyto-plankton will never stop to try to be the best. As Rudi said, “We will always try our best. For this coming BHRF, we are trying to keep our spirit, as we keep to still being the winner”.
Can Phyto-plankton keep footing on the winner for the next BHRF? Don’t miss the event, then! Come and see their performance, also the other local band in Borneo Hard Rock Festival XIV, November 28th and 29th, 2008 in Auditorium Untan. Let’s Save Our Nation! (dhz).

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wah, sayang ya taon ini turun jadi juara 3...

anyway, congratulation untuk teman2 panitia yg sudah bekerja keras menyukseskan BHRF XIV.

Congratulation juga untuk smw pemenang dan peserta BHRF. Smoga taon depan lebih rame lagi