December 8, 2011

bersih2 sekreeee..


“ESA is only 3x3 squares room plus gazebo..”
It's just a small room, but it has a lot of memories. ESA’s base camp is a gathering place for all of ESA members; most of ESA’s activities is held in this place such as briefings, meetings, studying, eating, selling (hahaaha) or just to get together with beloved friends.
To keep this lovely place stay clean and comfortable, on
October 24th division of administration held a base camp cleaning activity. All ESA members gathered at 9 am and bring cleaner and also carpentry tools such as saws, hammers and nails. The new students also took part in this activity..

The mass was divided into 2 groups. The girls clean the trophy and arranged the files in the locker, while the boys fixed up the ceiling and made a garden chairs. The Beat of hard rock music also increased the spirit of ESA member while they’re working. We were very grateful anyway because the English extension friends helped up this activity ..: D

After everything was fixed up, all ESA members cleaned themselves and got ready to do daily prayers. In other hand, other friends (who did not pray) bought lunch at Sepakat restaurant (uyee).
When the lunch time c
ame, all of ESA member sat together at base camp corridor. For the girls, 1 meal eaten by 2 people, while the boys ate with their own style, which 3 meals were combined for 6 people. The event ended about 12 a.m and closed with a big thank you by Chairperson. We were very thankful for the ESA members who have helped division of administration by participating in this event. Of course there will be next cleaning event, just wait for the date. ESA! Ace up your sleeves, stand and fight!

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We were there.. I miss that moment! OMG.. ESA!! I couldn't say anything. There were so many unforgettable moments we had in ESA!! Always proud to be a little part of ESA.