April 19, 2011

List Motion for SMA

Pre- Eliminary
1.       TH Should Give Parents Access To Their Children's Social Networking Sites
2.       THBT Closed Circuit Television Is A Threat To Our Freedom
3.       This House Would Allow Mothers In Prison To Be Accompanied By Their Babies
5.       TH Would Ban Animal Testing
6.       THBT Leader Should have Private Life
7.       THW ban the media reporting of violent crimes

8.       THBT the Israeli border wall does more harm than good
9.       That China Should Abolish The 'One Child' Policy
10.   This House Opposes Organised Religion
Semi Final
1.       TH Would Allow Victims Of Climate Change To Sue Polluting Countries
2.       THW Allow Police Warrantless Searches Of Mobile Phones.
3.       This House Believes That The Environment Must Come First
4.       This House believes that space exploration and development should be an international priority.
Final (Impromtu)
1.       Middle East
2.       Border Based

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