December 2, 2007

BHRF succeeded Rock you the HARD WAY!!!

LA Lights and English Student Association proudly presented the 13th Borneo Hard Rock Festival 2007!

Thanks God, Alhamdulillah for making tonite so wonderful and amazing. Auditorium UNTAN was fully crowded by hard rock mania who are willing to see directly the final show of BHRF XIII.

Some best musicians all over Pontianak have shown their best tonite, and here are the results:

1st winner: Phyto Plankton
2nd winner: Polos
3rd winner: De Javu

Best Instrument on POLOS


The Best Vocalist: Phyto Plankton
The Best Drummer: De Javu
The Best Bassist: Tuts
The Best Keyboardist: Phyto Plankton
The Best Rhytm Guitarist: Tuts
The Best Guitarist: Phyto Plankton

We would like to congratulate all of you to be the winner of this prestigious competition. Just keep rock and say no to drugs!

Thanks also to some sponsorhsips for this event:
Amazone, Pocari Sweat, RM Mejuah-juah, Vista Radio, Ruai TV, and the main sponsor of event, LA LIGHTS.

All the committee, participant of 2007, all of English Department Students, you are really the best of all in conducting this event. Wish we always be close, at least in heart if we can't make it in eyes.

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