April 17, 2011

Get the American Scholarship? You Can!

“Em,,, I was really surprised. I almost couldn’t believe that I would be chosen. That day was the most beautiful day of my life and at that time I realized that I can be special.”

Have you heard about IELSP scholarship? Yes, it’s a famous scholarship which can be a good choice for you who always dream about America.
Our profile for this article is Tia, she is a Student of English Department ’08 Tanjungpura University. She got thisscholarship and she is already in Arizona.
She went to Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona for about two months, then she can continue her study again because our department gave her dispensation so that she can still take her subjects.

She went to Jakarta on March 17th 2011 and flew to America the day after.

ESA has interviewed her and asked some questions which can be shared to the reader. This is what she said about her long journey to get this scholarship:

“It’s a kind of a long story, I knew about IELSP scholarship when I was in my 1st semester from IESP Seminar from ESA. Then, I ask more information to Yeni ’05 and Syifa ‘05 who have already got this scholarship. I was always tried to find the information from the internet. The requirement was for the students in 5th semester. Then, I tried to apply although I wasn’t really interested in. I applied it together with some of my friends.

Some requirements that should be completed are GPA score, TOEFL ITP min 450, statement letter from university and lecturer, and the most important things are four essay about our life personal expert, educational background, the most pressing issue, and our future achievement of long-live carrier. Some certificates of social activities are also needed, like the certificate of SCALDS and ECP. After passed the administration selection, I followed an interview from IIEF. I was really nervous until I thought that I wouldn’t get this scholarship. But two weeks after, they sent me an e-mail of the list of the students’ grantees. I was really surprised when I saw that I was the only one from Pontianak. There are 70 students from Indonesia, and we’re divided into four area, IOWA, Virginia, Colorado, and Arizona.
IIEf is a very professional foundation, I’m very proud of the way they work. Their event organizing is very professional. You don’t have to pay; this is free, except the passport andPDO (Pre Departure orientation). This is a full scholarship. They are really care about us; you’ll not get suffer there.
BTW, my competencies are my writing skill in my essays, and of course … my luck. We just have to tell the truth, I wrote what I thought should be written. This scholarship is very exciting, you have to try this. Just visit IIEF.or.id and prepare yourself!”

“It isn’t easy, we have to be a hard worker; if we want to achieve the best, then we have to do the best. If what you do is little, then what you get will be little”

Full Name : Sistia Dinita
Nick Name : Tia
DOB : Pontianak, April 11th 1990
Address : H.M Suwignyo, Gg. Nur 5 No 6
Hobbies : Reading, Listening Music
Motto : Do your best if you want to get the best
E-mail : sistia.dinita@yahoo.com

That’s all the ESA’s Interview with her. Hopefully it can motivate you to try this scholarship. Impossible is nothing, because the only place where your dream become impossible is in your own thinking_R. Schullar¬ .. C U ^_^ dd Div of admin-Ira.m

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