March 26, 2009

Green is the New Black

by Diar Adhihafsari - 2002

I still can’t comprehend why ESA is simply identical with the color black. But don’t you know that now green is the new black? (well, although people from sustainable wedding industry would prefer to say that “green is the new white”)

ESA has been running for years and just like business world, you have to change sometimes if you still want to exist. To be green, all you have to do is just change your behavior, baby step by baby step. Isn’t it a shame that now living green is considered as an ‘obligated’ lifestyle, but we don’t go there, not even close? No, it’s not GEMPAR’s duty to green our campus, it’s ours, too.

How many times do you remember to switch off the fans in the classrooms? How many times do you remember to turn off the lamps in the bathrooms (if there’s any)? How many times you just throw away all used papers from the filing cabinets in ESA Headquarter? Those simple things, yet most often left unnoticed.

According to the program rationale of the Green Campus Program of Alliance to save Energy, students are effective advocates on college campus, able to reach their peers and high-level decision makers. You are THAT strong, why don’t you add one more positive deed to spread as an agent of change?

Yes, your English skill can help those pupils in need in courses and in schools. Yes, the English competitions you hold and manage can give so many pupils a great opportunity to prove their ability. But guess what… your initiative to turn off one fan and one lamp in your classroom every time the class is over can help Mother Earth breathes easily once more. And no, you don’t get salary or certificate for doing that--you just get more fresh air to breathe (Mother Earth knows what you need much better than you know yourself) and a nice smile, knowing that even one, single, little thing you do for the Earth can mean a lot :)

P.S. Earth Day is still a few weeks from now, but every day is Earth Day to me. So, Happy Earth Day :)

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