November 12, 2007

English Pintar 2008 is coming soon.

One of annually schedules which ESA has besides Borneo Hard Rock Festival is English Pintar. It feels so really been a long time for ESA members didn’t have this kind of very positive event in order to enhance their capability in conducting it. After last year it was pended and had no sound at all, NEXT YEAR, English Pintar (EP) will be held.

ESA 2007/2008 executive board has agreed that EP will be one of the programmes of ELC. Frankly speaking, it’s very hard to find a real high initiative one that will be really sincere to be the pakwe or makwe. Till one day, the director inspired one of the ELC-staff and motivated her (me, actually since I myself type this article hehe) to be the makwe of EP. I just made myself sure that my friends in English Department programme will completely help me. That’s why finally, on October 6, the first meeting of the main committee was held.

Many suggestions came *and do still come!* for EP from those who care much to EP. Some preparations are still in process. Obstacle walks with, but solution fights for it!

Well. For you who are also still care much to EP, just wait for next release of latest information about EP. A surprise is always something interesting, right?

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